Geoff Pratt (left) - A.K.A. Boom Chops

The stick-wielding maniac behind the drums.

Dee Lee Ramone (center-left)

Crazed axe-handler and certified guitarist.

Shauna Meloche (center-right)

Director of Diaphragm Operations. She has a microphone, and she will be heard.

Jeremiah Johnson (right)

Master craftsman and low-frequency foundation engineer. From bass, with love.

 "They are genre-bending and a bit bent. Some might even say hell-bent. Legend holds that Lee traded the devil some blood for his chops. That’s steep for rock dues, but Lee would have it no other way, considering his love of early bayou blues, their collective love of genuine music, of anything brought with soul and spirit. They hold their music to the flames, preferring to call themselves not a style, not an easily ascribable genre, but a brand: this is what we bring, one minute some soul, some rock, the next some reggae funk, a little percussive glam—whatever we feel. We’re The Harvest . . . deal with it, and enjoy."

 Upcoming Appearances

Aug. 27 - MNet Radio Music Festival

Centennial Park, Mission, BC